Supply Planning Paves the Road to Customer Promises at JLR

JLR’s supply chain aims to deliver the unrivalled customer experience their discerning clients expect, within an industry that provides highly complex and discreet products at volume. To this end, e2open Supply Planning serves as the Brain that enables JLR to plan, optimize, execute, and respond as a network to optimize the business plan and deliver…

Supply Chain Resilience: Leveraging N-tier Supply Visibility & AI to uncover then address critical vulnerabilities

Volatility in supply chains is not going away. Traditional approaches have not worked well to prepare companies in front of massive disruptions. We will share how a number of leading companies are creating a competitive advantage by leveraging n-tier visibility of their supply network coupled with AI to “stress test” their supply chain (a pioneering…

Modern Supply Chain Design

Changing society and political environments, rising complexities and surging risks require a new approach for modern supply chain design. Join experts from Accenture as they explain how these challenges are causing import/export costs to explode. See how to measure your global trade maturity and uncover opportunities for savings.

Staying Ahead of the Competitive Landscape for LSPs

In an era of constant change and evolving consumer expectations, the realm of logistics has become more complex and demanding than ever before. Within this fast-paced landscape, LSPs and third-party logistics (3PL) providers are playing an increasingly vital role, helping businesses streamline their supply chains and overcome operational challenges with e2open’s capabilities.

The Supply Chain Orchestration – achieve supply assurance through agile and forward-looking decision making

Breaking down organizational silos isn’t an easy task. Hear how companies can curate real-time, high-quality insights into their supply chain control tower to enable connected decision-making. As companies look to shift from operating to thriving in a dynamic global environment, intelligent process orchestration becomes the next imperative to drive supply assurance.

Connected Supply: The path to multi-tier supply assurance

In today’s intricate supply chain landscape, ensuring supply assurance across multiple tiers is critical. Join us in this session as we explore strategies to navigate the complexities of multi-tier supply networks. From the first-tier suppliers down to the source, we’ll discuss tracking certification status, tracing product origins, and ensuring compliance with environmental, social, and governance…